'73 Glacier du Geant
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From the pamphlet of the KEY TOURS Ltd.

 It is the gondola that ties Aig. du Midi and Helbronner.
The tip of the rope follows endlessly to the summit of the mountain, although it is hardly seen and be catenary without a strut at all in the midway.

Although I think that there was not an accident until now.....

The photograph of the top  is the shot from the gondola between Aig. du Midi and Helbronner.
It is the best place where I like, Glacier du Geant. 
After retired,  I'd like to borrow  in the hut of Chamonix and to do trecking in the morning , although it is a dream...

My mental picture scenery that I painted at the time of high school.

From the Alps mountains map

The mountains map of the Europe Alps is very beautiful and become commemoration.


" Quelques grands sommets du massif du mont blanc et des alpes "
(Http://www. chamonixleguide. com/chamonix/rubriques/les_grandes_voies. htm)