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' 00.01.10

The works of my grandfather, Chikudo Kosuge was found in the internet home page of "Mushin-Ann"( in Japanese ) .

Works in 1920's

' 00.02.18

Works of the late grandfather, Chikudo Kosuge.

Charcoal Box
In 1927

Flower Vase
In 1950

See the coment on Chikudo by his son Shochikudo.



"Slide Show" is added to the Top Page ( "Entrance" ).
"Tea Room" is open to show my own presentation, such as photograph collection and so on.


"What's New" section is open.
The detailed presentation of "Rattan and Bamboo Bodice" is added.

' 00.03.12

The design of the homepage was renewed.
The slide show presentation of "BLUE" from NHK-TV program "Color my World" in "Jewelry Crystal with rattan and bamboo"

"BLUE" from NHK-TV program "Color my World"

Photograph Collection in 1973 is added to "Photo Collection" in "Tea Room" section.
The reversal films, that I had taken in 1973 were damaged due to mold and fading, were reconstructed by computer processing.

Example of reconstruction
¨Image Data

Please try the resolution in the image that enlarged from the size to about 20 times of the 35 mm film (805KB).

"Explanation" section is open to summarize the manner of the expert opinion of the bamboo works .

The scenery picture in my high school student is added to the page of the glacier du geant of the europe photograph collection in 1973.

Mental picture

' 00.04.21

Adding the exhibition work and make the renewal of image data. As for the details, please refer to Exhibition Catalog or Exhibition Room .


Adding the exhibition work.


Adding the House Lineage.


An unexpected technique is used to achieve these works. It is said to me only the miracle.

Quiz is added in .  Please try it!

More than 20 Chikudo's works were added.

Please use the following banner, if you like.




The big renewal was made on August 1, and the number of the exhibition works became 86.

@The picture of the following works are renewed.



My father, ShoChikudou's work was found.

My grandfather, Chikudou's work were found.

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  • "BAMBOO", R. Austin and K. Ueda, Weatherhill, Inc. , 1970


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