5. Processing of the material

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 To arrange the reticulation aesthetically, and to improve the level of performance as the work, the thickness and the width of the material of the bamboo should keep the uniformity.

 If it does not become complete, the surface of the work becomes a distortion, and would be distorted as time passes.

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 Shouchikudo seems to have been aiming the composition not only with an irregularity pattern which intersects a little diagonally but also with a regularity pattern since the above series.

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 It arrived at the end, and having become the last work of father exactly is this Large card box "KInPa"

 However, an unexpected technique is used to achieve these works. It is said to me only the miracle.   

 The width of each material becomes a lengthening joint like the taper.

      Explanation : Please refer to the following photo.

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 Cutting the width of such shape is exactly a miracle.   Please imagine how Shouchikudo had made it. 

    The Answer :

         The Hint:
         Please refer to the processing of the bamboo published in SEMIMARU HOME. ( in Japanese )

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