Flower Vase "ShioGoromo"

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 The title means the coating of the heavenly maid that stands by the sea shore.  The color of the real thing is near ivory-white. 
The movement of the such stripes pattern, when tried to move the observer's eye, is quite beautiful.
This is the technique that Shouchikudo does with good. 

 It is the small work of the height of about 20 cm. I think that there is no person who is able to make a cute sensitive work like this with bamboo anymore. 
This work was made by Shouchikudo around 60 years old and I think it as the pyramid as the bamboo craftwork. 

 The American collector, Mr. Lutz is owning this work. He said that this is his best correction.
And furthermore, this work leads to the joint work of  "Rattan and Bamboo Bodice" with Mr. Issei Miyake.

 In January, 2016, this work was donated by the late Mr. Walter Lutz to Denver Art Museum.