Exhibition Person

House Lineage

Chikudo Kosuge

Shouchikudo Kosuge

Kougetsu Kosuge

Hideaki Kosuge (Director)

Haruhisa Kosuge

Chikudo Kosuge

1895 Born in Sado Island of Niigata Prefecture

Start bamboo craftwork with self-education from 17 years old, making an old bamboo vase of China as a model.

1912 Received a Prize of the 1st Sado product competitive exhibition (the arts and crafts)

1920 Found a job as a teacher an elementary school

1924 Found a job as a teacher of a Niigata prefectural Nagaoka deafness and dumbness school

1966 Passed away

Shouchikudo Kosuge

1921 Born in Sado Island of Niigata Prefecture

Started the bamboo craftwork  from 7 years old.

1935 Selected to Tokyo Center Craftwork Exhibition

1938 Navy Academy admission

Although participate in the Pearl Harbor attack as the Navy dive bomber pilot and fight in various battles the Pacific front thereafter through the test pilot in the Oppama Navy Flight Test Center, being injured and almost lost the sense of hearing.

After the war, in charge of  bamboo craftwork in the Niigata Pref. Bamboo Craftwork Center.

1948 Selected to Niigata Pref. prefecture exhibition

1949 Received the promotion prize of Niigata Pref. prefecture exhibition

1950 Received a Niigata Pref. Culture Prize

1951 The honor members of  Niigata Pref. prefecture exhibitions

Received a prize of the Minister of Health and Welfare with 1951 All-Japan Disabled Person Exhibitions

1952 Received the highest prize in Niigata-City Arts and Crafts Exhibitions

1953 Selected to the 9th Japan Fine Arts Exhibitions

Charcoal Holder in tea ceremony

present to Crown prince (the Heisei Emperor) 

1955 Selected to the 11th Japan Fine Arts Exhibitions

Small Folding Screen

1957 Selected to the 13th Japan Fine Arts Exhibitions

Straight side Bowl


Retired from any public subscription exhibition at all, at the opportunity of that the society of the Japan Fine Arts Exhibitions parted to a new Japan Fine Arts Exhibition and Japanese Traditional Art Crafts.

1977 Remove to  Hayama Town of Kanagawa Pref. and open the atelier.

Make the repeated cultivation such as "Shiogoromo" , "Shityou" .

In the garden of the atelier in 1980.

1982 "Rattan & Bamboo Garment" presented at the Issei Miyake's Paris Spring Corrections.

1988 Exhibition of his own works  in Tokyo Ark Hills in commemoration of his grandchildren, Haruhisa Kosuge's births.

1977 Injured cerebral infarction and the left half the body becomes inconvenience and retire from invention activity.

2003 Passed away


Kougetsu Kosuge

1932  Born in Niigata Prefecture.

         Started the bamboo craftwork  under father Chikudou.

1951  Selected to Niigata Prefecture prefecture exhibition

1953  Received Echigo Craft Exhibition Encouragement prize

1956  Selected to The second  Japanese Flower Arrangement Tea Art Craft Exhibition, received a minister of International Trade and Industry prize

1967  Selected to the 10th Japan Fine Arts Exhibitions selecting and government purchase,  it has exhibited in a Japanese embassy in Geneva.

1968  Hold the 1st his own works at a gallery

1970  Chosen the present of Japan to guest from every country in the world in the Osaka international exposition. (150 works in total)

1972  In the nationwide afforestation festival, the work has been presented to Emperor Hirohito.

1973  Selected to the 7th Japanese traditional craft exhibition, and  thereafter selected in 1976 and in 1977

1988  The 40th anniversary works at a gallery

2016 Passed away

Hideaki Kosuge

1948 Born in Sado Island of Niigata Prefecture
1964 My mental picture scenery that I painted at the time of high school.
Acceptance to the Japan Student Arts Exhibitions

1998 Torque Converter

Haruhisa Kosuge

1987 Born in Yokohama City
1999 Warrior helmet (ceramic art)
H 12 cm
Director Hideaki Kosuge  Postmaster@i-OfficeK.com